The Almost Run What Ya Brung Race. There are only three rules.

  1. 3,000# Minimum Weight
    2. Must run either Hoosier G60-15 IMCA or DOT 235 or smaller tires
    3. Must follow all safety protocols required for your car/division

Any Car From Any Class Welcome!!

Contact with any questions.


The Unruly Race is really starting to come together, but there are still plenty of ways to participate. One of the biggest things we still need is sponsors for the driver awards. All money will be distributed to the drivers and your brand will be promoted on social media and at the track. Payments will be processed through links. Please make sure to include your contact information and branding during your purchase. We are in search of partners for:
Heat Races Sponsor ($400) – Each heat winner will receive at least $100. These heats will be a big deal for the drivers and they will remember your brand.
Lap Sponsors ($40/ea) – All lap money will be rewarded to the driver in a position between 2nd-7th each lap. This position will be determined by a die roll +1 prior to the feature.
Halfway Sponsor ($200) – Halfway is still a big deal. Put your brand and your money on the leader at halfway, lap 25.
Hard Charger Sponsor ($200) – This one is for the driver who advances the most positions in the feature. If your brand is about working hard to get to the top, this is for you.
Traveler Sponsor ($100) – We have no idea where all the drivers are coming from, but we hope there are a few that make the long to Thunder Mountain Speedway. This brand will be saluting the driver whose car came out of the shop the farthest away.
Hard Luck Sponsor ($100) – If you feel for the racer whose results don’t represent their effort, this award matches your brand.
Coolest Car ($100) – Speed Sport Showcase has already put their claim to the coolest car. Whose car will catch the eye of Ms. Speed Sport Showcase 2021 – Theresa Collins?
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