Camping & Info.


  • Camping at Thunder Mountain Speedway is free during race season for weekend stays. The fee for those who wish to leave campers for the entire season is $250 per month. 
  • No electrical or water hookups available
  • No sewage dumping stations available. Under NO circumstances are you able to discharge waste of any kind at the facility.
  • Camp sites must be kept neat and orderly
  • Campers are responsible for disposing of trash
  • All generators, air compressors, etc., that are powered by an internal combustion engine must have the exhaust directed up and above the top of the trailer, truck, RV, tent/awning, etc., and clear of other campers’ areas
  • Camping trailers must be removed from the premises one week after the season ends.
  • Unattended campers and campers left after the race season will incur monthly storage fees of $250.


  • Campfires must be self-contained and a minimum of 6″ off the ground. Fires are not permitted directly on the ground
  • All individuals having camp fires must have a working fire extinguisher available at all times
  • Fires must not be left unattended
  • Ensure fire pits are completely out prior to leaving site


  • Loud music and use of motorized vehicles is not permitted after 12 pm
  • No fireworks of any kind are permitted in camping areas
  • Please be respectful of fellow campers


  • A 5mph speed limit is in effect for the entire facility
  • Motorized vehicles (besides those used by handicap individuals and track officials) are NOT permitted in the grandstand area
  • Helmets are required
  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a licensed adult driver
  • Must be equipped with lights after dusk
  • Must be parked at midnight


  • Pets are NOT allowed in the grandstand area at any time
  • All pets must be under the control and visual observation of their owner at all times
  • A leash rule is in effect at all times
  • No pet should be left unattended outside
  • Guests must clean up after their pets and properly dispose of waste using a pet waste bag


  • Firearms are not permitted
  • Fireworks are not permitted