Center Lisle, NY-

Darren Smith, T.J Frost, Tom Donahue, Doug Stack Jr, Zach Bobbett, and Collin Mills brought home victories last night!

The Friday rain showers and cloudy skies made for the perfect Saturday race surface! The track was fast with multiple grooves of racing.

Modified driver Darren Smith wasted no time racing to victory in his #12 JSR machine. As our 2023 track champion, Darren is well on his way to defending his title in 2024. Brandon Walters, Justin Holland, Jimmy Zacharias and Brett Tonkin topped the field.

In the DIRTCar Sportsman division T.J. Frost out muscled his competition with a commanding lead to take home the win. Devon Green, Gary Smith, Jared Green and Matt Brewer rounded out the top five.

The B-Walt’s Car Care 600cc Modified win went to 2023 track champion Tom Donahue followed by P.J. Goodwin, Justin LaDue, Doug Windhausen and Logan LaDue.

The factory stock win went to Doug Stack Sr with Jerry Lobdell Jr and Doug Stack Jr hot on his heals. Charlie Towner and Rich Sharpsteen rounded out the top five.

Zach Bobbett bested Mary Earley and Kyle Larson in the 600cc Sprints. Will Fisher and Bill Fisher closed out the top five.

The 4cyl stock feature went to Collin Mills followed by Shawn Mills and Rich Wagner.

The rookie 600 Modified class was hit by rain and will be made up next week.

Thunder Mountain Speedway Finish – 6/8/24

Modified – Darren Smith, Brandon Walters, Justin Holland, Jimmy Zacharias, Brett Tonkin, Byron Worthing, Will Shields, Cody Higbie, Eric Leet, Bailey Boyd, Alan Barker, Shayne Spoonhower, Corey Cormier, Tom Collin’s, Brian Malcolm, John Michael Phillips, Jordan Millard, Ken Hammond, Jason Andrew’s, Dane Hedlund, Alan Komar, Matt Meade, Charlie Hendrickson Jr., Landon Cummings, Doug Polhamus, Tom Eiklor, Nick Nye, Jeff Sheely, Garrett Rushlow, Josh Landers, David Knickerbocker

DIRTCar Sportsman – T.J. Frost, Devon Green, Gary Smith, Jared Green, Matt Brewer, Ray Leonard, Bobby Sweeney, Ray Taylor, Will Eastman, Mike Schane, Mike Austin, Todd Hayward, Wyatt Frink, Luke Powell, Jake Waibel, Tom Davey, Josh Akshar, Billy Davey, Chance Spoonhower Jr., Trevor Dudley, Dylan Hartman, Billy Shoemaker, Rich Talada, Scott Torbit, Buck Brown, Greg Morgan, Dale Folejewski, Randy Brokaw, Joe Buchanan, Cody Jackson, Dana Davis, Leif Birdsall

B-Walt’s Car Care 600cc Modified – Tom Donahue, P.J. Goodwin, Justin LaDue, Doug Windhausen, Logan LaDue, Tyler Talada, Ali Scutt, Ben Shaw, Tommy Paige, Anthony Desimone, Own Mossow, Samual Hubbard, Dustin Jordan, Nick Johnson, James Randall, Aiden Miller, Chelcie Beebe, John Hoover, Sam Usborne, Leon Ellerson, Nolan Smith, James Deisz, Tim Cornell, Casey Doll, A.J. Tuttle, T.J. Smith, Talon Oliver, Ryan David-Kadaronak

Factory Stock – Doug Stack Sr., Jerry Lobdell Jr., Doug Stack Jr., Charlie Towner, Rich Sharpsteen, Eric Beach, Mike Morse, Buck Mills Jr., Brian Rhodes, Bubba Peters, Austin Baldwin, Jeremie Hale Jr., Buck Mills III, Max Moshier Jr., Harold Lobdell, Rick Sinsabaugh, Luke Mills, Jett Beach, DNS – David Brigham

600 Sprints – Zach Bobbett, Mary Earley, Kyle Larson, Will Fisher, Bill Fisher, Chuck Bruce, Billy Applebees, Brandon Fidler, Jason Moll, Tommy Paige, Ivan Forney, Dave Johnson, Grant Spicer, DNS – Jeff Tinkham

4CYL Stock – Collin Mills, Shawn Mills, Rich Wagner, Eric Rowley, Mike Ferris, Phil Burns, Jesse Lovejoy

Dirt Nostalgia Modified: 1) 51 Rich Townsend 2) 2 Aaron Pugh 3) 8 Duane Hiller 4) 7 Mike Nagel 5) 11x Bill Leonard 6) 71 Dan Karl 8 ) 66 Tom Church 9) 20 Brad Litzenberger 10) 19 Megan Ciglich 11) 29) Mike Cole 12) 0 Casey Doll 13) 007 Butch Leonard DNS 9 Joe August Jr 52 Roger Williams 36 Brent Williams

Thank you for spending your evening with us!