Thunder Mountain Speedway in Center Lisle, NY opened their 2023 campaign on May 6th, with an opening night show of phenomenal racing action on a beautiful mid-Spring Saturday Night.


With Mother Nature dampening racing all over the country this Spring, officials at Thunder Mountain kept a close eye on the new clay surface that had been laid down on the popular 3/8-mile banked bullring. Their concerns were for naught as the new surface not only held up nicely, it provided for some competitive and entertaining action in every class.


With everyone making the show, qualifying heat races were packed with exciting racing as everyone desired one of the top redraw spots for the features.


Winning their respective heats were:


DirtTrackDigest.TV Modified: Alan Barker (77); Mike Maresca (7mm); Nick Nye (6nn)


DIRTcar Crate Sportsman: Jordan Millard (99); Jamie Kamrowski (284)


B Walt’s Car Care 600cc Modifieds: Kyle Percy (314); Jake Waibel (99); TJ Smith (101)


Thunder Mountain Street Stocks: Doug Stack Jr (41s); Jerry Lobdell Jr (2L)


Pop’s Automotive Factory Stocks: Luke Mills (15m); Buck Mills Jr (187v)


Turn One Rookie Sportsman; Dylan Hartman (28)


After a brief intermission to run a little moisture into the well-groomed surface, it was time to strap in and drop the hammer on some feature racing.


In the mighty modifieds feature, invader Tyler Siri made his first appearance at The Mountain a successful one as he used his P4 start to work his way to the front and stave off several challenges from the likes of Maresca, Smith, and Barker in the closing laps.


DirtTrackDigest.TV Modifieds (35 Laps)

Winner: Tyler Siri (5*); Michael Maresca (7mm); Darren Smith (12); Alan Barker (77); Will Shields (82s); Brian Malcolm (119); Nick Nye (6nn); Brandon Walters (22); Jimmy Zacharias (71); Matt Meade (28); Jeff Taylor (1t); Eric Leet (1x); Ken Hammond (30); Tom Eicklor (44); Rusty Smith (34); Shayne Spoonhower (#34); Chance Spoonhower (119x); Landon Cummings (13); PJ Goodwin (55); Jason Andrews (89); Garrett Rushlow (24r); Jeff Sheely (38); Brad Knapp (71x)


The DIRTcar crate sportsman saw Jordan Millard sweep his heat and the 25 lap feature.


DIRTcar Crate Sportsman (25 Laps)

Winner: Jordan Millard (99); Rich Talada (08); Jamie Kamrowski (284); Dane Hedlund (22); Mike Austin (9); Todd Hayward (33); Gordon Smith (44); Eric Winsor (79); Randy Brokaw (b17); Kinser Hill (60x); Dana Davis (138); Dale Folejewski (d3); Wyatt Frink (34f); Cody Jackson (1); TJ Frost (37); Will Eastman (120)


A great turnout for the B Walt’s Car Care 600cc Modifieds which saw a heat/feature sweep by the reigning and defending points champion Jake Waibel.


B Walt’s Car Care 600cc Modifieds (20 Laps)

Winner: Jake Waibel (99); PJ Goodwin (55); Tom Donahue (717); Bumps Scutt (108*); Doug Windhausen (8); James Randall (17j); Justin LaDue (99L); Chace Scutt (108s); Tyler Talada (6t9); Eric Boynton (2h); Damon Henry (15); Sam Hubbard (28); Christian Hafl (25); Tracy Oliver (134); Chelcie Beebe (17c); Talon Oliver (24); AJ Tuttle (29a); Owen Mossow (22); TJ Smith (101); Nick Johnson (52); Anthony Desimone (04d); Logan LaDue (23l); Ali Scutt (108)


In the Thunder Mountain Street Stocks feature Jerry Lobdell Jr established his dominance early on, but had to deal with challnged from the Stacks and Gene Sharpsteen.


Thunder Mountain Street Stocks (20 Laps)

Winner Jerry Lobdell Jr (2L); Doug Stacks Jr (41s); Doug Stack Sr (34); Gene Sharpsteen (7); Don Reeves (00); Brian Rhodes (36R); Mike Wilcox (10w); Don Russell (109d); Mike Wilbur (SIX); Bubba Peters (9); Shane Moshier (1i); Mike Wilbur Jr (06)


The Pop’s Automotive Factory Stocks saw another heat/feature sweep.


Pop’s Automotive Factory Stocks (20 Laps)

Winner: Buck Mills Jr (187v); Kurtis Stickle (10T); Dominic Albanese (72a); Mike Morse (21); Luke Mills (15M); Logan Eaton (9L); Rick Sinsabaugh (21x); Jordan Towner (9j); Jacob Fowlston (61)


Turn One Tavern Rookie Sportsman did not drive in a way that would make you think that they are rookies.


Turn One Tavern Rookie Sportsman (15 Laps)

Winner: Kourtney Slavick (56); Dylan Hartman (28); Stephen Winsor (78); Bill Hartman (82); Chance SpoonhowerJr (26); Joe Gorsline (21); Amanda Scholtisek (88a)


Factory Rookie Stocks proved that the future of dirt racing is in good hands.


Factory Rookie Stocks (12 Laps)

Winner: Hayden Albanese (42a); Justin Lovejoy (81); Buck Mills III (18); Jeremie Hale Jr (919); Trever Wells (32w); Caleb Clark (656); Brandon Warren (7b)


Everyone at Thunder Mountain Speedway would like to thank the racers, teams, and fans for supporting TMS. Next on tap is a visit from the NY6A micro-sprint series on May 13th for their first of two races at The Mountain. Always fast and entertaining, the 600cc winged warriors put on a great show.